Freelance Art Commissions

Please refer to my Twitter bio for availability status.

SKETCH - $35

FFXIV PC belonging to @Adririn


Headshot - $65



Fursona belonging to @Nyarthro

PNG-TUBER - varies

  • Price based on character crop

  • Includes a base, eye blinks, and mouth flaps

  • Ask about additional mouth movements or items


Similar to the ones I created here. Intended for productivity. They will be hand-tuned with pitch bending and EQed.Choose from one of my available voicebanks listed here. If I do not have one you'd like, we can discuss the possibility of exchanging the commission value for the fee of the voicebank’s purchase.I will deliver these in either Android or iPhone compatible ringtone formats on request.

  • 2 sentences maximum (exclamations don't count against this)

  • No brand names, swears, religious or political themes, birthdays, or anything related to seasonal holidays

  • For personal use only (non-commercial)


Commission TypePrice
Doodle Dump$55
PNG-Tuber Puppet (Base, Eye Blinks, Mouth Flaps)VARIES
Custom Vocal Synth Alarm$35
Illustration Add-OnsPrice
Additional CharactersSubtotal +75% each
  • All prices listed are quotes and subject to adjustment based on intensity of workload.

  • All illustration prices include coloring. If you prefer only lineart, please specify and I will adjust my quote!

  • All price quotes listed are in USD.

  • If you’d like to request an option not listed here, feel free to drop me an email.



  • Send an email and please include your:

  • Commission Type as defined in my price charts above

  • Character Reference

  • Any contextual details you may have regards Tone, Occasion, Expression, or Pose

  • Size (Are you wanting a Wallpaper? Social Banner? Standard Square? Etc)

  • Optional: A Style I’ve used that you prefer (Please include the link to my artwork)

  • Upon review, I will then approve or decline.

  • If I’ve approved your proposal, payment is due up front. I can invoice you using either PayPal or Venmo. Depending on whichever you prefer, there is an additional charge to compensate for these platforms’ business transaction fees and make sure that I get paid in full. (5% + 50¢ charge)

  • I’ll send you a watermarked sketch WIP with a chance for you to request any edits before proceeding to finish your piece. I will not work on your piece past the sketching phase until I receive payment.

  • I’ll email you your commission in hi-res when it’s completed!

Terms of Service

Last updated: 12/6/2022

For simplicity, EightyUh may henceforth referred to as “I” or”me”, the paying customer party is referred to as “you”, and the commission service and/or product may be referred to as “my work”.

  1. All preparation materials, visuals, and sketches -- including all electronic files used to create the project -- remain property of EightyUh.

  2. I can refuse any commission for any reason (or lack of) - even if it complies with my ToS.

  3. Prices listed above are quotes and thereby subject to individual adjustment depending on intensity of workload.

  4. These prices are not for corporate or otherwise commercial advertising use. You must tell me if you plan on making merchandise featuring my work, as my prices will adjust to reflect commercial use.

  5. Price haggling will not be tolerated.

  6. My work may not be resold.

  7. You may not trace or modify my work unless you have my explicit written permission. If approved, augmented pieces cannot be published to social media.

  8. By commissioning me you understand that there is always a chance of artistic liberties being taken.

  9. No refunds or exchanges under any circumstances.

  10. You DO NOT have the right to mint or sell the commission for NFT.

  11. You DO NOT have the right to use my work to train any sort of Neural Network or similar Artificial Intelligence.

  12. By sending payment and thereby commissioning me, you acknowledge that you have both read and agree to these terms.


  • NSFW

  • Fetishes

  • Revealing apparel

  • Nudism (your furries must be clothed) or pornography

  • Swearing or rude gestures

  • Violence, blood, gore, or guns

  • Any themes related to seasonal holidays

  • Religious, occult, flags, or political symbols and / or themes

  • Couples portrayed as romantic